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Sri Lankan cuisine is fiery hot and contains lots of spices.


Staple diet of Sri Lanka is rice and curry-boiled rice with curried vegetable. It can be served as lunch and dinner or sometimes as breakfast too. Sri Lankan curries are usually hot, sprinkled with lot of spices. Sri Lankan rice and curry usually includes a variety of small curry dishes made of vegetable, meat, and fish. Chicken and fish is very popular meat used in curries, but beef and mutton are also available. In a meal, it must have an accompaniment such as parripu (red lentil dhal), mullung (ripped green leaves with spices, lightly stir- fried), and sambol (a mixture of grated coconut, chilly, and spice).

Sri Lankan history has left its imprints on Sri Lankan cuisine. Many regional foods are influenced by the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Malays, the Arabs, and the South Indians, all of whom have left their culinary impression

Sri Lankan cuisine offers a wide variety of desserts. Some of the popular dessert dishes are: Kiribath-made of rice cooked in coconut milk-is usually served on ceremonial occasions such as wedding; Wattalappam-an egg pudding; and Kiri Peni-made of curd and honey.

Owing to its tropical nature, variety of fruits is available in Srilanka. Major among them are: Mangoes, papayas, bananas, jackfruits, durians, rambutans, and mangosteens

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